Design Your Own T-Shirt  

Posted by F.R.I.S

So you've had some great ideas for custom t-shirts floating around in your head for a while and now you want to turn them into reality. What are your first steps to take and how can you get your finished product on your back or on the market as quickly and expediently as possible?

Possible Design Adjustments
If you are lucky, your designs and the color schemes in them will coordinate beautifully on a finished t-shirt but more often then not you will have to make some type of adjustments. This all has to do with the types of ink that are used and just how your t-shit is going to be printed out.

Light Colors on Dark Fabric
For instance, light colors on a dark fabric present their own particular problems that has to do with coverage. That is that a light color on a dark shirt is not going to be as vibrant as you might have in mind. That is unless you have your custom t-shirt silk screened with a thick rubbery type of colorant.

Digital Printing
For digital printing, which is the fastest and cheapest method, you are going to have to think light colored fabrics. This is because the type of dye that digital t-shirt printers use is thin, so it will work in the ink jets hence, it it simply wont cover a dark fabric as well.

Silk Screening
If you are determined to go with light colors over dark fabric, then you are going to have to go with silk screening, which means higher expense and a minimum order requirement. Also, with silk screening the more colors that you use in your design scheme, the more it is going to cost you, because each color requires a separate frame to be made and a separate pass with the ink.

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