How To Dress Slimmer Without Losing Weight  

Posted by F.R.I.S

Every woman wants to look thinner.  Here are several tips for visibly skimming off the pounds without a single trip to the gym.

Dark denim jeans without any embellishments are a great way to slim down your hips and thighs.  A single dark color is usually the best way to hide your flaws since people's eyes are automatically drawn to bright, shiny things.  Don't believe me?  How many times have you picked a penny up off the sidewalk?  Did you notice how the sidewalk looked?

Don't buy a particular size just because you think it's the size you should be wearing.  Fashion experts say, 'œFabric that pulls is the fashion equivalent of taking a yellow highlighter to your body. If you're really freaked out about your size (it's only a number!), cut out the tag.'  This includes swimsuits.

If you have short or unattractive legs don't wear cropped, tapered, or Capri pants since they end at a bad part of your leg.  Or, do what I do and roll the Capri's up to a more attractive height for your leg length.

Ruching on tops is a wonderful thing.  All fashion experts know, 'œdraping is a brilliant way to camouflage.'  While this tip won't work for everyone, just about any woman who has had children will appreciate a ruched top.

Shrunken tops should be thrown out or given away.  Do not wear them with low rise jeans.  It does not look attractive.  I just saw a lady wearing this combination today.  Believe me, it does not look attractive.

Instead of wearing a button down dress that has the potential to gap, unbutton, or lose buttons, opt for a wrap dress.  The softly draping style flatters everyone; plus it is more comfortable.

For many women, the thinnest part of their body is under their bust-line.  Thus empire waist dresses and tops are an attractive choice.
Don't opt for pants in clingy fabrics such as velvet and silk that cup your rear. Smoothness is the end goal.

Do accessorize your complete outfit, bringing the eye to all the flattering spots on your body. Great hair color, a wow necklace, tangles of bangles, a chic clutch, sexy stilettos, sleek nails, a fabulous tote bag, everything else you are doing can enhance your overall image.

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